QCan it stop during the cycle and restart during a single cycle?
AYes. The pauses signal can remove the data acquisition for the unwanted period.

QCan the upper limit waveform and the lower limit waveform be replaced in the case of production change?
AYes. The program can be modified to replace the limits automatically. This requires some additional software.

Qls the alarm output signal triggered after the single cycle is over?
ANo. The alarm is triggered within the single data sampling interval. The fastest one is 1 millisecond.

QHow much data can be stored?
AThis depends on the capacity of the microSD card. For example, a standard 16GB card can save more than 6,000 cycle waveforms where each cycle has 60,000 data points.

QWhat kind of sensor con be connected?
AAny kind of sensor with analog output. The range should be within DC±10V.

QHow many input channels does it have?
AOne channel. If several input channels are necessary, several conandesses can be used concurrently.